About Me

Lex Iwan is renowned as MrTLexify on social media platforms, where he exercises his craft across a myriad of video genres that have spawned him a base of over 2 million subscribers. Born in the cold heartland of Winnipeg, MB, he found his place under the warmer climes of Victoria, BC. His diligent work ethic and tenacious spirit have not only fashioned him into an internet sensation but also typify the quintessence of his character.

Education and Career Journey

His journey to digital fame began in the hallowed halls of UVIC, a reputable Canadian college where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. During these formative years, he cultivated his skills in crafting engaging digital content. He seamlessly combined his academic prowess with his innate passion for technology, fostering an environment where his hard work and motivation came to the fore.

Enthusiasts of Lex know that his achievements are a testament to his unwavering dedication and ability to collaborate effectively. He diligently cultivated his career in video production, amassing over a decade of valuable experience. As of today, his talent has resulted in a cumulative viewership of over 600 million across various genres. He is now looking to expand his horizons, aspiring to work in the vibrant Los Angeles, California, known as The City of Angels, to continue crafting new success stories in his journey.

A New Endeavour: Launching Editit

Lex Iwan always had an eye for spotting talent and fostering collaboration. His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to launch a website named Editit. Its aim? To provide a platform for gifted editors needing exposure and job opportunities. This move emblematically underscores his aspiration to nurture talent and spur growth in digital communities- a testament to his collaborative spirit and desire to uplift those around him.

Hobbies and Personal Life

His leisurely pursuits further showcase his multifaceted personality. A self-acclaimed gaming enthusiast, he spends his free periods behind the digital console. This is not surprising, considering his profession involves much screen time. Armed with a love for gaming, he ties his pastime competently with his work, embodying the notion of enjoying what you do. His intense passion for gaming as a hobby is rooted not in the thrill of earning money but in the sheer joy and sense of accomplishment that these games provide him.

A Heart for Philanthropy

Lex is not just a digital creator but a philanthropist at heart. Being a social media personality with significant reach, he ensures to utilize his platform responsibly towards charitable activities. His benevolent side is discernible through his various philanthropic endeavors such as St Judes Charity, where he raised 300k, BLM charity, Diabetes Foundation, and the organization Sheep Among Wolves. These initiatives reflect his desire to use his influence to effect positive changes, thus providing hope for those in need.

Lex Iwan, or rather, MrTLexify, is a formidable digital mogul who not only entertains viewers worldwide with his dynamic content but also uses his success to uplift budding talent, champion charitable courses, and engage in activities that fuel his passion. His story resonates with the ethos of hard work, motivation, and collaboration, painting a narrative of a man who has unabashedly pursued his dreams and continues to explore new horizons.


Lex Iwan